Lukcase Electric Air Pump
Lukcase Electric Air Pump
Lukcase Electric Air Pump
Lukcase Electric Air Pump
Lukcase Electric Air Pump
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Lukcase Electric Air Pump

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This product is a portable smart air pump, suitable for the inflation of small cars tire, motorcycle tire, bicycle tire, balls swimming ring and other inflatables When using this product to inflate, please notice the correct air pressure value required by the product need to be inflated. The product and hose will get hot after a long the next use, and don't allow the kids to use it or play with it.

Operating guide:


Turn on:

Pull out the hose and it will turn on automatically. In the power-on state, it will automatically turn off after 180 seconds without any operation; When the hose is pulled out, you can press and hold the

“Start -Stop button" to turn on again after automatic turn off.

Power display:

The battery indicator light is always on by showing different colors to indicate the remaining power:

Steady blue light: battery power ≥30%
Steady red light: battery power 20% -30%
Flashing Red light: battery power <20%
Need to be charged.



Please charge the battery before using the product for the first time.

Using the charging cable to connect the 5V 2A charger (not included you need to prepare it by yourself) and the air pump to charge.

Battery indicator when charging:
Blue light flashing: charging
Steady green light: fully charged
Caution: The air pump cannot work during charging.

Use of air nozzle and air needle:


Schrader Valve: Suitable for mountain bikes, electric bikes, motorcycles and cars, just connect it directly.

Presta valve: Suitable for road bikes and individual mountain bikes. Connect the "presta valve adaptor" with the hose of the air pump first.

Ball needle: Suitable for basketball, football and other kinds of ball.



Inflatable pressure range: 0.2~10.3bar/3~150psi
Product size: Φ70x140mm(bare metal size without hose)
Working temperature Charging:0°C~45°C
Storage temperature: -10°C~45°C
Trachea size: 175±5mm, including air nozzle
Battery capacity: 2600mAh
Working noise 1 meter away, the noise is less than 75dB
Input current: 5V 2A
Charging interface: USB- Type-c
Charging time: less than 4 hours
Air pressure gauge: 35±1.5psi




1.Since the date of purchase, this product is entitled to seven days of replacement and one year warranty for failures caused by normal operation according to the manual. Improper product use and man-made damage are not covered by the warranty;
2.Replace the product; it needs to be packaged completely, and there is no trace of damage or breakage. Replace the same type of product with the purchased ticket and warranty card. If there is no quality problem, it will not be returned;

3.The warranty card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. It is only limited to non-human damaged functional failures. The following conditions are not covered by the warranty;
A. Any damage caused by force majeure;
B. Products without stickers, serial numbers and disassembled machines;
C. If the warranty period and warranty range are exceeded, the warranty card does not match, is altered or lost;
D. All man-made damage. Self-disassembly and accidental damage and wear and tear, such as: high temperature, water ingress, breakage, wear, motor burnout caused by high-voltage power supply, etc.


1. Q: What is the inflatable pressure range of this product?
A:Maximum pressure of the electric air pump for this bicycle & car can reach 150PSI, which can be quickly inflated, with 2 unit values-PSI, BAR. (0.2~10.3bar&3~150psi).
2. Q:Why this product is very safety?
A:After connecting the hose of the tire inflator to the tire valve, the air pump with LED digital display will display the current tire pressure, so that you can monitor the tire pressure at any time. When the inflation volume reaches the preset value, the air pump will automatically stop inflation to avoid over-inflation. Convoy your safety all the way.
3. Q:How do we make this product portable?
A:The wireless design, small and exquisite, makes the air compressor portable, and it comes with a portable tote bag, make it easy to hang on bikes.
Air pressure is displayed on the LCD screen. Suitable for under-inflated car tires and fully-inflated bicycle and motorcycle tires and balls.
4. Q:What is the capacity of the rechargeable battery?
A:This cordless air pump for car tires and bike tires comes with 2600mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery. There is a micro-USB cable. and the charging time is only 1h, small body, big power.